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Along with other factors, the two main criteria for an outstanding guest experience are great service and great food.  The TK Kitchen Team is responsible for delivering the highest-quality food possible, to every guest, every time.  This is accomplished with a winning team, and a comprehensive suite of kitchen display screens, menu item counters, and intelligent cook timers.  These tools aid us in timing all of our cooked-to-order items so that each item is ready for plating at the same time, to be served to our guests, hot and fresh, every time.  The tools are only an aid!  The highest level of success is most dependent upon our Kitchen Team.  Our most valuable team members, and the highest paid, share these qualities:


  • An unwavering positive attitude, full of energy

  • Caring and courteous

  • Detail oriented, with extreme pride in their work

  • Strong communication and organizational skills

  • The ability to multitask and sequence an ever-changing list of priorities

  • The ability to remain calm and focused during the busiest times.




We are currently seeking candidates with these availabilities:

Full-time availability, days and nights, 9am to 4pm, and 4pm to 10pm.

Or, those with nighttime availability, 4pm to 10pm.

Or, those with weekends availability, Friday PM, Saturday AM or PM, and/or Sunday AM.



Starting pay for kitchen team members is very competitive, compared to other employers.  Our hope is to be paying you significantly more than the starting wage, in the very near future.  Within a few weeks, you will know if this position is a good fit for you, and we will know if you are a good fit for us.  We do not hesitate to pay more for great performance, and greater availability.


We offer a free staff meal (order off the menu) with every shift.


We offer paid time off for full-time employees, beginning at 6 months of employment.



Must work well with others, take direction, and excel under times of intense pressure.


Learn to read kitchen display screens and very quickly prioritize which tickets should be completed first, based on starters and cook times.


Quickly learn to use the menu item counters and timers so that all food hits the plates at the same time.


Communicate with the other kitchen stations regarding the time remaining for made-to-order foods.


Choose and lay out plates, buns, bread, and side bowls, in the proper order,  to receive the hot food.


Portion cold sides, dress sandwiches, and build salads, as shown, at the cold station


Cut, blanch, and fry the cut potatoes for french fries, and prepare other fried foods, to order, at the fry station.


Smash burgers, and prepare other griddled foods, to order, at the griddle station.


Slice brisket and ribs to order at the cutting station.


Maintain proper rotation of food product for quality and freshness.


Complete daily prep and closing checklists in a timely manner.


Assist with dishwashing, by hand and with the dish machine.


Wash workstations, walls and equipment.


Sweep and mop floors.


Empty waste cans into outside dumpster.


Perform other duties as assigned.


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